Spin Fishing

Spin Fishing
can i put a regular fishing spin cast reel on a fly rod?

i saw a very long fly rod at dicks, and it looked like i could put a regular reel on it down at end…would it work? thanks. the reel i have in mind has a lever for your index finger to release the line instead of a button on the back.

Yes, the seats are interchangeable but you might not like the action. I broke a spinning rod on a trip and used a very heavy 8-weight fly rod with my reel. It felt like a noodle when casting fishing lures, and you wouldn’t think about how important it is until you don’t have one, but the lower handle on a spinning reel is almost essential. You can’t cast very far without it, and you wear your wrist out quickly since it becomes the body part that supplies power rather than just a fulcrum.

Maybe, if you had a heavy weight 2-handed rod it might work but that’s probably more money than it would cost to have a custom rig built. Check out a place like Thorne Brothers in Minneapolis who have a good reputation for building custom rods.

On second thought, it sounded at first like you might have had a specific need for this setup – like steelheading small creeks. Now that I re-read your post, I think you are just looking for an all-around rod. In that case, you will be much happier buying a spinning rod. I recently picked up a really nice IM-6 graphite 7′ medium-action spinning rod at that place you are talking about for about 30 bucks, heck of a deal for a decent piece of equipment.

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