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Rounded bait casting reel recomendations?

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a rounded bait casting reel that I can cast and retrieve from ‘off-shore (like a pier)’ or ‘in-shore’ that has a clicker and a line counter too. I was gearing towards ‘Shimano Tekota’ or Abu Garcia Ambassadeur. Daiwa Sealine is in my list too but I don’t have any reviews about this reel. Just saw this reel from our local bait shop.

I’m looking for something sturdy, with corrosion resistance, light and can function just like my low profile reels (in case I’m lazy to bring both reels).

Any recommendation or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Looks like you prefer level wind reels. Please keep in mind that level winds will limit your casting distance if heavier test mono lines were used. Level winds got more moving parts that could trap saltwater and sand. Normally, those extra moving parts won’t bother you much. However, if you got a huge, strong fighting fish on the other end of the line and the reel was under high stress, those extra parts will become a handicap. The reels you mentioned aren’t exactly light weight reels anyway. If I were you, I’d spend about the same amount of money and go straight for smaller conventional reels which will handle small/medium tunas with relative ease. I’d prefer reels like Daiwa SL20SH or Penn 525 Mag. Both reels are very easy to cast and could cover long distances much easier than level winds. They could handle heavier lures/sinkers without any hiccups while still being able to fly line live baits. You’ll get a lot more reel for about the same money.

If you insist on level winds, I’d avoid Abu Garcia reels because their drags simply aren’t as strong as Shimano Tekota’s or Daiwa Sealines. I’m not saying Abu Garcia aren’t good reels. They’re just not in the same caliber range as Shimano Tekotas or Daiwa Sealines that’s all.

Tekota got a little edge over Sealine level winds. Tekota will fly line live bait fish or cast light weight objects easier and further than Sealines. Tekotas work a little smoother than Sealines too. Their drag strengths are about the same with Tekota being a bit smoother. I’ll let you decide if those minor differences are worth the difference in price or not. By the way, I’d pamper Shimanos. I’m not pampering them because of their price. I’m pampering them because they will look absolutely scary after they got enough scratches on them.

As for corrosion resistance, all reels mentioned above did a pretty good job. If you rinse your reel off after each use, they’ll all last a very long time. Less time was required to clean Daiwa Sealines though. If you don’t like cleaning fishing reels after each use, I’d recommend that you consider Newell reels. You only need to toss the whole reel into a bucket full of freshwater, let the reel soak for about an hour and you’re done.

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