Shimano Ax Reel

Help with buying fishing equipment: speedmaster or beastmaster, ambassadeur or shimano?

I am going to buy reel and fishing pole to catch fish of all sizes, at least up to 60 pounds. I want a pole and reel that’s good for my purpose, and I also want to feel it when the smaller fishes bite. Should I go for Speedmaster Boat 7,6`/20-30lbs or Beastmaster AX Boat 6,6`/20-30lbs? What’s the different of those two?

And should I go for Ambassadeur 7000I Linecounter Meter or is it worth paying a bit more for Shimano TLD 20 or TLD 25? What’s the difference of those?

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OK with out going to far into this i would go for the speedmaster rod, 20-30lb class and for the reel Abu Garcia, the reason for the first choice is basically i own one, they are good responsive blanks and the guides are very tough, as for the abu reel its due to a few simple reasons, firstly Ive fished both Abu and shimano reels in my life, i prefer the abu, they aren’t as much but they have lost of power behind such a simple reel, the shimanos may have more bearings, but i know that the abu will last you and can take ALLOT of punishment from any fish fish you can throw at it. Ive tried and own both the Abu and Shimano and in my opinion i love the Abu, often shimano can over complicate reels.

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