Shimano 4000fb

Shimano 4000fb
would my ugly stick be enough for catfish/carp?

i was wondering if my 6 foot ugy stick fishing pole with a shimano 4000fb reel with 12 pound line be enough for catfish/carp

Most definitely!

…in fact my 6.5 ft Ugly Stick is my favorite rod to use for catfish. Be sure to keep an eye on your drag/tension, but catfish and carp rarely get loose once hooked due to the “gummy” feeling of their lips.

Are you fishing in a lake or river? I only ask because fishing with a smaller pole in a river with strong current can sometimes make it difficult to “read” a bite/nibble on your line.

Have a great time; and good luck!!!

Moulinet Shimano Nexave 4000 FB. Pêche au feeder et méthod feeder.