Penn Big Reel

Penn Big Reel
need a new flounder reel?

i broke my penn 970 on a big ray and need a good new flounder reel. i mostly bucktail for flounder but also live line baits once in a while. i was thinking about getting a abu garcia 5500 or 6500 or a shimano calcutta 700 and spool it with 30lb braid. would any of these be a good reel or is there a better reel for flounder
also the rod is one i built 7’6 1/2-3oz. and is mh

I hate recomending brands to people but since I know you have been around here answering questions and know what you’re doing (plus you already listed a couple possible reels so I know kinda what you’re looking for) I’ll give you my opinion. The Abu’s you mentioned are good reels, I’ll never own another one because of bad experiences but that doesn’t make them all bad. I would suggest looking into Diawa’s inshore series of reels aswell as Quantum’s. I love those 2 brands of baitcasters.

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