Parts Are Saltwater Reel

Parts Are Saltwater Reel
How’s this set up for a -sort of- beginner bass angler?

3 part question

1.How good is it for the price? I’m aware of the fact that Ugly Stiks don’t break, I have one for saltwater.

I’m clearly on a budget but it’s not like it’s gonna be the last rod and/or reel I buy.

2. Could I cast 4 (or 5) inch yamamoto senkos without a weight?

3. What’s a good trout set up?

Right now I have an ultra light rod with 4 lb test fluorocarbon and a steel leader with a spinner bait.

1) Ugly Stiks are not indestructible especially the newer models. They just don’t break very easily. They are quite heavy for their size and they are a lot less sensitive than graphite rods. Many models of Ugly Stiks are not very suitable for frequent casts, which is required for lure fishing, due to their weight. Many models of Ugly Stik will not do very well with certain lures because they are not sensitive enough and you will fail to detect many bites. When it comes to lures, Ugly Stiks usually definitely won’t be your top choice. They will work well with baits though. The combo you listed is reasonably priced. But, the reel on any baitcasting combo around that price range won’t be that nice. It will be functional but you’ll get what you paid for.

2) You can fly-line 4-5 inches senkos with baitcasting reels. I am pretty sure you could cast 4-5 inch senkos without any weight. Since I don’t have any experience with Ugly Stik baitcasitng combos, I don’t know how well would that reel perform when it comes to handling lighter lures. Due to the combo’s price, my guess is that it probably won’t cast lighter lures too well. Even if it could cast lighter lures, it won’t cast as easily as quality reels. You could use cheaper rods and still get away with it. But when it comes to baitcasting reels, you really don’t want any low end entry level reels.

3) Ultra light rods with 4lb test line would do pretty good on trout. But that steel leader was absolutely unnecessary. It will not give you any advantages when it comes to trout. Instead, it is a severe handicap. Loose that steel leader ASAP. 4lb fluorocarbon line alone will do the job MUCH better.

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