Tackle Combos

Tackle Combos
How do you use a heavy bag? (10pts)?

I just got a heavy bag (over 150lbs) and I don’t know how to use it, please shed some light on this as I know nothing about fighting.

I also need to know what protection I should be using, I have a pair of boxing gloves but I prefer fighting without gloves since I’m training to strengthen my fists.

I’m not allowed to buy books or DVDs etc. about fighting which is the reason for the question.

These are some terms I’ve heard of when using a punching bag which I don’t understand:

A) “train like you fight and fight like you train”
B) Practise combos.
C) Go aggro.
D) Use a large variety of strikes.
E) Dismount the bag and “ground and pound”
F) Practise Take downs
G) Rugby tackle the bag
H) Circle the bag and smash it
I) Breath in through the nose and exhale on impact and/or exertion
J) Wear protection

Any other ideas on using punching bags would be greatly appreciated.

a) train like you fight…pretty self explanatory: training develops the instincts that’ll come out in a real life situation, so you better always train as such
b) work on combos..jab-cross-hook should be bread and butter; working in kicks is muay thai’s bread and butter: lead kick cross-hook rear kick….develop stamina, speed, and just teach yourself how to go off
c) be aggressive?
d) vary b/w punching/kicking/elbows/knees etc
e) ground and pound is mma term referring to taking the guy to the ground and pounding him….ie unhook the heavy bag, straddle it on the ground, and work on banging on it w/ punches and elbows
f) takedowns on a heavy bag? ..better to do w/ a partner
g) work on spearing it w/ your shoulder as if to tackle a dude
h) pretend the bag’s a person/ utilitize footwork and bobbing and weaving then rush it w/ attacks
i) always exhale on EVERY hit..just like lifting weights, you never push up the bar while holding your breath
j) EVEN if she says she’s on the pill, make sure to wear a condom

PS: you’ll learn real quick to wear at least bag gloves or even hand wraps when punching a heavy bag…w/o it you’ll tear up your knuckles, and most likely F up your wrists as well.

While I’m at it–if youre looking to become a better fighter there’s NO substitute for training w/ a live partner. as Bruce Lee said, without it it’s like trying to learn to swim on dry land. Take an MMA class but remember crucial elements you won’t learn at most gyms such as hitting the groin (almost always best option in live situation), poking out eyes, pulling hair, etc.

SF3 3rd STRIKE – YUN combo