Shimano Reel Model

Could cork easily be a thing of the past in a few years for major reel manufacturers?

Seeing as most rod companies have opted for EVA or other types of foam to be fitted on even their flagship rod models. Take Shimano for instance, giving a split-grip EVA handle to every single rod in their line-up this year, from the Clarus to the Cumara (which already had one). As we see rod builders straying away from cork more and more, how long do you think cork will be a contributor to the majority of high-end rods?
Btw, I meant “Rod”..

I doubt cork will ever be a thing of the past when it comes to fishing rod companies. It just feels better and looks better on a rod than EVA foam does. I have to admit though, it is cheaper for companies to use EVA foam and in these times companies are looking to stay afloat by any means necessary. If they can up the profit margin using cheaper material, they will cut a corner here and there. Another little side step done by companies is to flood the market with a specific style of rod with EVA foam handles. The same rod, just tweaked by changing thread or adding a sticker here and there can actually bring a greater profit margin by just adding a cork handle. Suddenly it becomes something better and more aesthetically pleasing. Suddenly it’s a high end rod introduced once a year and we’re all scrambling to get one. It’s the same rod mind you, it’s just a play on cork and EVA foam. That’s my take on it but if it were up to me, All of my rods would have cork because it just feels better in my hands and it makes me look like I actually know what the hell I’m doing out on the water. LoL. ~good luck catchin’.