Shimano Drag

Shimano Drag
I have a old shimano cassete, Should i replace it?

How much drag does the cassette add? Is it worth getting a new one because the one i have is 30 years old but besides a little grit, it seems to be decent.

Gears only add drag when freewheeling. When pedaling the freewheel mechanism is locked with the wheel and there is no drag. So, the best and cheapest way to eliminate drag is to always pedal.

Now, if your gear is 30 years old, I suspect you have a thread-on freewheel rather than a cassette. A freewheel is older technology and usually has 5, 6, or 7 gears. More modern bikes are outfitted with cassettes with 7, 8, 9, or 10 gears. In an old freewheel, the gears and freewheel mechanism are one integral units that screws onto the hub of the wheel. With a cassette, the freewheel mechanism is built into the hub and the gears are an integral unit that fits onto the hub.

More information on freewheels and cassettes are available on Sheldon Brown’s site:

In any case, if you have an old style freewheel and it is feeling kind of sticky when freewheeling, it may benifit from a lube job. To lube a freewheel, you need two people – one to hold the bike and the other to spin the pedals and apply oil. Here is what you do:

1. Hold the bike so it is leaning over at a good angle.
2. Turn the pedals so the wheel will spin.
3. Look to the inside of the smallest sprocket and you’ll see the inner part of the freewheel turning. Drip oil into the crack between the smallest sprocket and the freewheel. Let the wheel spin a bit more. Repeat the oiling. After doing this a few times, you’ll hear pawl of the freewheel mechanism get quieter.
4. Wipe off all excess oil with an old rag and your’re done.

You’ll know it is time to completely replace a freewheel or cassette when the chain no longer engages with the gear cogs properly. Most common problem is your bike ghost shifts while riding. When you replace the gears, you must replace the chain and chainrings, as well. (All parts of the drive train wear in over time. If you replace one element without replacing the others, performance will be bad and the new element will quickly wear into the old pieces and parts leaving you where you were to begin with.)

Hope this helps.

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