Shimano Chronarch

Shimano Chronarch
Where can i get wiffle spools that will fit Shimano Citica 100DSV?

Where can they be purchased at?my friend had a Chronarch 50 mg and it broke and he used the spool of it and put it in his citica 100dsv.He told i can buy them for 30 dollars but where?

The ported spools are pretty much interghangable in all the shimano reels. Citica, curado, chronarch… However, there is a price difference. If you order from Shimano, it should only be $20. That’s what I paid for my replacement spool for my curadoDSV. Go here… …and see if there is a “waranty center” tackle shop near where you live. They typically STOCK those parts and don’t up the price. They’ll just have you pay whatever shimano would have charged you, just no shipping of course.

Shimano Chronarch D

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