Saltwater Rod

Saltwater Rod
Do these 2 saltwater rod and reel go together?

The rod and the reel i was looking at the A170 …..I want to buy these 2 but i don’t know if they go together. Any other suggestions would be great!

They could go together but there are better choices.

Shakespeare Alpha spinning reel is okay but I would prefer a better reel. If I were you, I would get a Daiwa D-Wave for a little more money. D-Wave will be smoother and stronger than Shakespeare Alpha. I think you will like the infinite anti-reverse a lot better too.

By the way, my local Wal-Mart sells Shakespeare Alpha reels between $9.98 to $12.98 depending on the size. You could get Daiwa D-Wave for around $35 on sale if you look hard enough. D-Wave will cost more but you will get a lot more reel for the money.

PS: You want a reel that could bring out your rod’s full potential.

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