Lure Gear Saltwater

Lure Gear Saltwater
What is more important to a fisherman/fisherwoman?

Is finding the right bait/lure more important?

OR Is finding the area where the fish ARE more important?

Perhaps, sometimes we get so “geared-up” finding “the perfect lure/bait-rig”, that we don’t see the “obvious” reason we are out on the lake/saltwater marsh/ocean!

Although I do like to experiment & try new tactic’s & “gear”, I sometimes catch myself trying TOO many tactic’s & lures! Thats when I say to myself, “Self, you got the right lure, just the wrong spot!”

I know it’s important to have appropriate lures/bait, but if I’m fishing for Bass, Smallies, Brim, Northern’s, Walleye’s, I would prefer to know “where they are” over what their gonna eat!

I think that having a map of the lake/water your gonna fish is MUCH more important than having a 35 LB tackle box.

Would you agree?

of course………..when the bite is on I find fish will bite almost anything that moves……
I fished for flounder 2 weeks ago and caught one almost every time I threw it out but last week didn’t catch a one ,although i had the same bait and setup……they were not there…….
I think the right bait or lure help only when the fish are there but need “a reason to come out and take the bait”……or in other words just not to aggresive for some reason………..

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