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Fishing – Three things i want to know about it.?

Ok, recently me and my family moved to Libya Tripoli (North Africa) and it is a coastal town. I have recently got hooked into fishing in the US and i bought a fishing rod. I use a regular spin-casting rod and reel combo(for windy days) and a bait-casting combo for non-windy days. Can you guys tell me how i can make a sabiki rig ( they don’t sell them here) and where to fish. I also want to know what bait to use when fishing.
+ I am not sure of what fish live in the area and all the locals speak arabic.

A sabiki rig is a line with 3-5 little decorated hooks hanging off it. In the old days the hooks were crude “flies” made with red and yellow yarn. Nowadays the hooks are decorated with clear plastic or something, tied onto shiny hooks. Generally the hooks are around size 6-8.

Anyway, to make one you first decorate the hooks, then you take a piece of line (20 pound test or so), thread the hooks on it, and tie a series of dropper loops (one hook in each loop) make the loops a couple inches long and space them 6 or 8 inches apart. Tie a swivel to one end (to tie to your main line), and a snap swivel to the other end (for fastening the sinker, 1-4 ounces depending on the depth and current).

These generally work best off a pier or a boat — just drop the rig to the depth the fish are at, and work it up and down. If there are fish around but they don’t want to bite, put a little strip of bait (cut fish, squid, shrimp) on one or two hooks.

Anyway, Sabikis are generally used for catching small fish (mackerel, sardines, etc.) which are then used (usually live) as bait for bigger fish.

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