Abu Reel

Abu Reel
Which reel would be better for bass fishing- a Shimano Curado 200 ET or a Abu Garcia Revo SX?

Decision time. I’m buying one of the two reels in the next 7 days. Which one would be the better reel. I like both of them. Kinda leaning toward the Revo right now, but that could change. What say you?

Both are excellent choices.

The Shimano Curado is 7.6oz compared to the 8.7oz weight of the REVO SX. That 1.1oz could be a big difference if you fish from night-to-day. Heavier reels can really tire down your arms/shoulders/wrists from all the casting & reeling. Curado wins in the weight battle.

The REVO SX has 10-ball bearings compared to the Curado’s 7-ball bearings. IMO, ball-bearing count isn’t a big deal, but for some it may be. The REVO has the best the most bearings, so it wins this battle.

I’m not 100% sure on this one, but I believe the SX has the 24lb max drag, like the REVO S has. I think it makes this reel more suited for jig/heavy worm fishing, while the Curado has a drag pressure of about 10lb – 11lb I believe. But don’t underestimate the Curado as it will toss big Swimbaits with ease. I’m not sure on this topic.

This is just too close of a battle. At Basspro.com, I see that the REVO SX has 89 reviews and the Curado has 88. The Curado has an overall rating of 4.9 while the REVO SX has an overall rating of 4.8. Both has great reviews.


The REVO would be good for someone wanting the extra drag pressure, whether for heavy cover or big baits or big fish, in which the reels weight isn’t a big deal, but the ability to horse in fish out of cover is.

The Curado is very light, easily fished for a long-time without waring you out.

IMO the Curado can just adapt to more conditions than the REVO. You can’t take away reel weight from the REVO, to make it easier for long-fishing days and lighter baits, but the Curado has the ability to fish lighter baits but still be able to switch to heavier jigs & soft plastics.

My vote goes to the Curado.

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