Shimano Dc

Shimano Dc
what length spokes? Front: Formula DC-91 Hub. Rear: Deore Fh-M525 Hub. Rims: Sun Singletrack32hole. erd=491?

I am building Freeride wheels, need to know what spoke length to use…I think I know,just want to check…Rims: Sun Rims Singletrack Urban Camo 26″ 507mm, 32hole, ERD=491mm, 540g, Width=31mm. Front Hub: Formula DC-91 32 hole, 14 guage, OLD=100mm, Axle length = 108mm, 214g. Rear Hub: Shimano Deore FH-M525, 449g, 135mm wide, Axle=146mm, 32 hole, spoke hole circle 61mm, right centre to flange 21.75mm, left centre to flange 35.35mm. I think: Front left = 237mm, right=239. Rear left = 237mm, right = 235mm. 12mm nipples, 2.0 DT Swiss Champion

Apparently this didn’t take the first time, so I’m re-typing. I tried to punch in your info to DT Swiss’ spoke calculator, but I think your dimensions are way off. The ERD should be much more than 491mm….they list it as 543mm for the 26″ rim (sounds to me like you’re working with the numbers for the 24″ rim).

At first glance, the spoke lengths you came up with look to be way too short….probably should be somewhere in the 255mm-ish range. If you’re using 24″ rim dimensions, that could be why you came up with such short spokes.

The calculator doesn’t list the Shimano hubs by model number, unfortunately, and Shimano’s techdocs page doesn’t list the measurements either. I tried it with the XT rear hub, but the dimensions are different than what you’ve listed.

So, I’d recheck your dimension chart or measure the hubs yourself with a good set of calipers, and then go enter the info into the spoke calculator. It’s a good one, I’ve used it many times and it’s never been off. You can register if you want to, or just check the “terms of use” box and use it anonymously.

Hope this helps….and those will be some sweet lookin’ rims when you get them rolling! :o)


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