Shimano Cardiff Reel

Shimano Cardiff Reel
Muskie Fishing 101. Advice Please!?

I’m going up north in July to visit a relative. I also want to try muskie fishing for the first time while I’m there. My relatives are not big fisherman so they wouldn’t know anything about muskie fishing.

For you muskie fisherman out there, I need some advice.

Rod: length, power, what brand do you like, are there special rods for muskie?

Reel: I’m using a Shimano Cardiff. OK?

Line: Braid, mono or flouro, how about leaders, special muskie lines?

Lures: what are some of your best topwaters, swimaits, cranks, etc.

Anything else you think would be helpful, please include.

Thanks to all who reply.

We run muskie fishing charters (trolling) on Lake St. Clair in Michigan, and will be happy to answer all your questions about muskie fishing.

You can check out our website ( – we have a year’s worth of fishing reports, including GPS locations, hot setups, and lure selection, plus photos, articles and more – or you can email or call for personalized help.

We also sell the equipment we use, and can supply you with whatever you need. But you DON’T need to buy if you want information – we’ll give you that for free. =)

Best of luck to you, and hope to hear from you soon,
Kathuy & Capt. Mike

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