Salt Fishing Reel

Salt Fishing Reel
What is a good flats fishing spinning reel?

Looking for a nice spinning reel to use in the flats. I will be targeting redfish and spotted sea trout.

Don’t want to spend more than $140. Preferable a little bit less.

Any recommendations of good reels that can take salt-water abuse every weekend?

Here’s my picks:

#1. Shimano “Symetre” ($79.99)
#2. Daiwa “Black Gold” ($79.99)
#3. Daiwa “Whisker SS Tournament” ($89.99)
#4. Quantum “Boca” ($129)
#5. Quantum “Cabo” ($189)
#6. Shimano “Stella” ($499)

Out of these, (which are all excellent reels), I would “zero-in” on the Shimano, “Symetre”, Daiwa “Whisker SS” & both Quantum series.

The Boca is currently on sale at

For durability the Black Gold is #1 but weighs more & doesn’t have all the “bells & whistles” the Shimano Symetre/Daiwa SS has.

The Boca at $129 might be your best bet in your price range.

Although MORE than $140 the Q Cabo is an excellent reel and has been compared to the Shimano “Stella” at less than half the price!

Go to & for reviews of reels.

Hope this helps ya? Good luck!

UPDATE: Although RW has a point about “washing off your reels” it’s usually the “internal” prts of a “saltwater reel” (& perhaps the Bail/Bail mech/”Sealed system”) that designate it “saltwater” approved. You CAN use ANY freshwater reel in a saltwater environment, (and if you take extra care), it will work fine for years!

However, if you don’t keep a freshwater combo “greased & washed off” it will only take 4 trips before you will notice corrosion, ball-bearing failure, & general “salt-ware”. At least with a “saltwater designated reel” if you decide to “blow off” washing them down once in a while you’ve got a “chance” they won’t be “froze” on ya the next day!

“Dunk” a freshwater reel and a saltwater designated reel in the ocean/flats, SEE which one “makes it” EVEN AFTER a wash down! (lol)

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