Okuma Salina

Okuma Salina
which of these reels are better

i am trying to decide on which reel is better for fishing on beaches and in lakes. these are the reels i am stuck between.
okuma salina
okuma inspira
quantum kinetic
pflueger medalist

For me it’s a tie between the Inspira and the Kinetic. I like the Okuma’s, but I’m not fond of the salina. It actually didn’t perform as well as I thought it would. I had one for about a month, one I used for light duty pier fishing…didn’t like it. The inspira however, has always been a great reel for me. I own an IS30.

I’ve never owned a Kinetic, but I’ve fished with one ONCE. I liked it.

The medalist and the salina just aren’t all that great in my book. They just don’t stack up for the price you’re paying. I don’t care if it’s a $19 reel or a $300 reel, it just better be worth the price you pay.

Bob Campbell hangs on to a screaming Okuma Salina 30 while fishing