Fits Shimano Reels

Fits Shimano Reels
Spooling a fishing reel with braid?

I have a Shimano FX4000 F fishing reel.
the declared line capacity is reads this:
The line capacity for this reel is :
8lbs -240yards 10lbs-200yards 12lbs-160yards

I have a new spool of the braid:
Shakespeare Ugly Braid 20 lb 300 yd

How much and how thick mono should I put on the spool under the braid line? The declared thickness of the braid is:
UBRAID20FG 20 .009 6Lb. Test 300 Green

so equal to mono 6lb.

The reel is declared for the 8Lb thickness of the mono.

Any idea how much of the mono should I put under the braid, so that all the 300 meters of it fit on the Shimano FX4000 F fishing reel?


None. Put a piece of electrical tape around the spool and then spool up the braided line though i highly doubt that all 300 yards will fit on anyway. If you try it without the tape the line won’t adhere to the low friction spool and you will end up with a big mess since the line will tend to slide all over the spool.

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