Water Reel

Water Reel
Fresh water rod and reel recommendation?

I am looking for a rod and reel, not a combo. Im looking to fish for trout and if possible use it to fish off a pier and perhaps inshore as well if not possible then no big deal. Most of the fishing will be done in fresh water. My budget is about $150-$200.
Got this combo Shimano® Symetre®/ Fish Eagle® II Spinning Combo from Cabelas for $99 on sale. This will do a great job. I will just rent a offshore pole when ever i go off boat since i dont go very often to purchase one.


I’ll start off by saying, it’s not possible, you need light line for trout and rather heavy line for piers.

i would use a ultra light pole with about 6 to 8 pound line

this pole is perfect for trout because it have a Species Key of the fallowing:

LB = Largemouth Bass
SB = Smallmouth Bass
W = Walleye
P = Pike
B = Bonefish
T = Trout
R = Redfish
SN = Snook

and the T = trout would be a great option for, yes , trout. so get this on line and it would be great, and it’s within your budget [barely] : $199.94.
sorry i couldn’t be more help.

have a good time and….“`good catchin“`

Kifco B-Series Water-Reels