Saltwater Tackle Pole

Saltwater Tackle Pole
Okay so the tip of my fishing pole broke off, how do i buy a good one?

I got some crappy rod at walmart 2 for 20 bucks. And i went saltwater fishing…oh what a mistake…they were 8 ft rods for medium action and the blue fish just raped the shit out of my fishing rods. And i was on a pier the reel couldnt even reel. And they just snapped.

My dad has good fishing rods that he bought in the 80’s like diaw and w.e. all these good companies but back then he got em all for 15 dollars. He told me the only places to buy fishing rods are at the tackle shops but those are 2 hr away.

I can still probably find a decent one at sports authority or dicks.

Im looking for a 8-10ft saltwater fishing rod heavy/medium action.
WHat material should the rod be? And simple tests to tell if its good or not. And about the reel i want one that comes with a reel but how do i know if the reel is good?


…should have just fished for spot…then i would still have my rods =(

Lets back up just a tad.. for 20 bucks you get what you pay for.. a rod set up for smaller fish in a pond or small river. NOT for blue fish.

You should look at getting a rod and reel set up for salt water fishing. You should also plan on paying over one hundred dollars to do so. One reel alone that is worth getting will set you back that amount. I use PENN brand reels for almost every thing now even the Bass fishing I do here on Lake Champlain.. why? they do not break. Rods that are made of graphite IM7 will be great for your use.. fiberglass is what you will find in the cheeper rods. If your wanting to save money go back to walmart and get an 8 foot ugly stick salt water rod and then spend the money for the PENN reel.. you can order it on the net.. I know your able to.. your on here *Grins*..Match the reel type to the rod.
Good luck

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