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Game Saltwater
Does any SoCal saltwater angler know if this ever made it to court?

I came across this while trying to keep myself from falling asleep after Thanksgiving dinner. Damn tryptophan. I read the article, read the comments of it, then looked up the rest of the videos on youtube. It really, really, REALLY amazes me how stupid some people are. How in the HELL can you NOT know what a California giant black sea bass is and not know they’re a critically endangered species of fish? This really pissed me off! It’s an old article, I know. Posted February 1st of this year, but still… it really gets my blood boiling knowing there’s idiots and a**holes out there that don’t follow strict California Department of Fish & Game laws.

Anyway… anyone know if Farrah Emami, the district attorney’s spokeswoman ever made a case with this?
They went on trial? Damn, I missed it.

this is the last thing i could find:

UPDATE: Pre-trail will start August 23, 2010 @ 8:30 a.m. courtroom H13

Both charged with T14/28.10(a) CR Unlawful possession of Black Sea Bass

Jonathan Paul Apothaker & John Francis Brady both pleaded not guilty

Orange county court case number 10HM04414
so there should be a way to find out , if the case was settled, what happened through the case number. Just make sure its orange county CA, snoop around, i believe its public information

Also, as far as the commercial guys are concerned, it was one fish per TRIP, that was the ammended law in 1988, it kept commercial guys from profiting on incedental catches, it didnt do much to lower the mortality rates of the blacks. they just let the fish float away

what did do it was prop 132, which banned gill nets, that law has been around for 20 YEARS, and it very effectivly put an end to the high mortality rates. since the blacks inhabited most areas where gill netters where allowed.

furthermore, reputable ichthyologists examining otoliths (earbones) put their ages thusly:6 years=30 lbs 10 years=100 lbs and 15 years at 150 lbs. Keep in mind this was from a sample that was way too small to be accurate, but it does put things in perspective for conversations sake

The two main problems with blacks are that they are really easy to wipe out as adults, and the juvies live in real shallow water, which in the past was netted heavily

one more thing, blaming commercial fisherman for the demise of black sea bass is a joke. Sportfishermen kept them until they werent allowed to anymore. The reason they are having such a hard time surviving is unknown, but most of those who study these fish will tell you it has to do with where they fish live. The toxins on the sea floor really mess with reproduction, “DDE and PCB have been found to affect reproduction in other species of fish, as well as amphibians, reptiles and birds.” to quote john king, of the pfluger inst. dde acts as estrogen, so it could cause sex change, among other things. In mexican waqters, these fish are void of these toxins, and are fished much more heavily with a sustainable population. More research needs to be done.

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