Fly Line Reel

Fly Line Reel
What Fly fishing line and reel should i get?

The pflueger automatic reel, the marcus caddis Cc65 fly reel, the scientific anglers L2L reconnect 9′ tapered leaders or the maxima leader wheels
Well the difference in the reels are only about 10 bucks apart on but im a beginner so i just want some cheap stuff that will at least work and the reelz are only 26 and 36

Well, I hope I don’t ruin your plan, but I have a couple recommendations.

First, I would avoid the Pflueger Automatic reel, not because of the brand or model, but because the “convenience” of automatic reels is heavily outweighed by their tendency to malfunction and the control you give up by using them. Stripping line and occasionally having to reel in a pile of line is just not that difficult, especially after you fish for a month or so. Trust me — this is the sort of automation that may look attractive if you don’t have experience, but I predict that if you get one you’ll be looking for an ordinary reel before too long. The Marcus Caddis Cc65 — I couldn’t find any info on that and I’ve never seen one, so I can’t help much there. However, if it’s another automatic reel, just skip it. There are numerous entry-level reels that are of high quality and will get the job done, including the $30-$50 Scientific Angler reels.

Second, I would avoid the L2L system and any other “connector” system. Just get a booklet that shows how to tie knots and learn them. Here’s a website with some great illustrations:

The surgeon’s knot will replace your line-to-leader connector, and it’s almost as easy to tie as it is to use those connectors. You have to know the clinch knot anyway in order to tie on flies, so just learn the surgeon’s knot and add more knots to your arsenal as you go. After you tie a knot for a day’s worth of fishing, you’ll never forget it.

The problem with connector systems is that you’re always running back to the store to buy that special tackle. What if you run out when you really need it? What if you get somewhere where they don’t sell it? What if you go to the store one day to find that your system has been discontinued? What if you get an idea to tie on a dropper or an extra length of tippet or some other crazy notion that catches you The Big One?

Connector systems are for those who are intimidated with all the learning you have to do in fly fishing — just get over that intimidation and use “real” gear. With knots you still have to purchase line now and then, but at least you can tie any material to any other material and you’re limited only by your imagination.

I have heard good things about those Maxima Leader wheels, but I purchase leaders singly because I like a tapered leader.

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