Vintage Fishing Reel

Vintage Fishing Reel
I’m looking for the name of an old fishing reel.?

Hey all…

I’m looking for the name of a vintage fishing reel. I only have a vague memory of it from when I was a kid. It’s shaped like a teardrop or a bulb, and has a square type of knob on the bottom of the “bulb.” I’d like to try and find one for an upcoming birthday, but I can’t ask my dad what kind it was, or it will ruin the surprise. Please feel free to write me back with your suggestions of what it might be.

Thanks for your help!
I’ve looked through a bunch of the reels on ebay, and I figured that I’d add a little more detail (or try to anyways). this reel is a closed face reel, and it does resemble the zebco slightly. but the zebco’s that i have found have a center section that is circular, and the bottow is not like a “bulb” Additionally, from what I can remember, the top of it tapered up about 4″ to a real small opening at the top. Hope this helps give a little more detail.

Maybe a mitchell match !!!
maybe a Shimano
maybe a shakespeare

hope this helps