Torium Reel

Torium Reel
is the shimano torium 20 or the daiwa saltist STT40H better for rockfish,yellowtail, and whiteseabass in socal?

trying to buy a better reel

They’re both good reels (though from the online specs the Daiwa seems to be a bit bigger — it holds 400 yards of 25, while the Shimano holds 300, so you might look at the next smaller Daiwa (the STT30TH).).

There’s no need for an oversized reel if you’re just using 25 pound line — I’ve caught plenty of big fish (white seabass and yellowfin and bluefin tuna to 40 pounds, yellowtail to 30) on 20 pound line and reels with a capacity of 300 yards or less, and if you go with braided line, the bigger reel is overkill.

Anyway, it’s a matter of personal preference for how the reel feels to you. I’ve used Daiwas and Shimanos (and Penns and Newells) and I prefer the feel of Daiwas; I have friends who’ve tried them and preferred other brands, and they do about as well as I do on the water. The best thing to do is borrow one from a friend and fish with it (or just cast off a pier or something), or go into a tackle shop and see how they feel (clamp them on a rod, grip them as if you’re casting and retrieving.)

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