Spinning Salt Water

Spinning Salt Water
What brand rod and spinning real are good for salt water fishing?

Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Quantum, all have excellent quality reels to choose from. Find your “price range” & be assured that you got a good reel if you purchase one of these 4 brandname’s.

Ingun has got my vote for an Ugly Stik or Ugly Stik “Lite” for an excellent “entry-level” rod that is “bomb-proof”.

If I wanted the best “Bang-for-your-Buck” combo outfit I would buy:

Shimano-“Spheros”, ($80-120), matched to an Ugly Stik “Lite” rod. (“Baitrunner’s” are excellent reels too! Make sure you need/want the “bait-running” feature before settling on this reel.)

Penn- “SSg Graphite”,($80-90), matched to an Ugly Stik “Lite” rod.

Quantum- “Boca” , ($120-$130), matched to an Ugly Stik “Lite” rod.

(As you can see, Ugly Stik’s & Penn reels are very popular! lol)

(Also realize that for “inshore saltwater” fishing you CAN use your freshwater outfit’s if you flush/wash them with fresh water after each “saltwater” trip. I currently use a Shimano “Symetre” reel for “inshore” fishing and it works fine! Just don’t forget to wash’um up!)

Hope this helps ya?! Good Luck!

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