Spinning Reel Salt

Spinning Reel Salt
Fishing advice!!!?

Me, my brothers, and the parents are going fishing tomorrow (10-6-06), near Pirates Cove in Alabama. I will be using a telescopic fishing reel with a 7 foot pole, with 12lb test line. We will be fishing from a very small pier, maybe about 15 feet from the shore. Can anyone give me some tips on bait or what to bring??? If this helps, I am using a Shakespeare Tiger Spinning Combo. And what kind of bait should I use? It’s salt water, and there are mostly croakers and that sort of thing but very few speckled trout… If anyone can help, I would be very thankful.
Thanks, -Garrett….

Try using a “grub”(a particular kind of lure), also try live shrimp, dead shrimp, live cigar minnows, and squid. Good Luck! Remember-everything LOVES live shrimp.

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