Shimano Reel Repair

Shimano Reel Repair
Can I get certified for repairing Shimano reels?

I was wondering if there is a class or course that I can take to obtain a certification for repairing Shimano reels. The reason I am asking, is so I can have a side job. Maybe see where it leads

If you know how to work on fishing reels and have spare parts etc laying around for different models then why not just do it? If it is a hobby type of side job there should be no need for certification. If you go legit your going to have to do income tax and everything. Not really worth it unless you plan on doing a large volume of repairs. How many Shimano reels do you think break a year where you live? Just do it on the side for hobby and spare cash. I have never heard of a certified fishing reel mechanic although I’m sure there are some smart dudes out there with the mini gears.

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