Saltwater Spin

Saltwater Spin
What are good bait casting reels (freshwater) and good saltwater spinning reels?

I’d prefer to spend no more than $100 on each reel.

Bait Casting Reel : something that can hold 12lbs of line for mainly large mouth bass
Salt Water Spinning Reel : I fish from inshore of the Chesapeake, landing white perch, spot, bluefish, rockfish, and occasional string rays. I’d prefer something that can hold around 20lbs of line at least

Thank you for your help!

GMB and Jackrabbit have relevant info.

“Good” baitcaster’s, (and Saltwater spinning reels), are usually a little more expensive than $100. If you could spend just $20-$30 more you could get a top quality reel that (with proper care) could last you many, many years.

Here are some ideas for both. Make sure to read the reviews:


A. Abu Garcia, Revo S- This reel gets a 4.7 out of 5 from 139 reviews. It also has the best Drag on the market. This reel would be my 1st choice –

B. Shimano, Citica E- Another solid reel close to your budget. However, this reel only has 10Lb’s of drag , (compared to the Revo’s 15)-

C. BPS, Nitro- BPS makes quality products, (period). Although I’ve never owned this particular BPS reel it certainly has good feedback and the right parts to be a very nice reel-

Saltwater Spinning reels:

A. Fin-Nor, Sportfisher-

B. Penn, Slammer- VERY solid reel! Certain Penn reels are still very durable. This is one of them-

C. Penn, Spinfisher- Old reliable! –

Hope one of these reels work for ya? Good luck in your search.

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