Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Saltwater Fishing Tackle
2 fishing questions.?

1. I am getting my brother this fly fishing rod. Check out the link. Has anyone ever got this one? Or tried it before? If you have some Pros and Concerns please. Thanks!! It’s for saltwater, and I getting him the 9wt one.

2. Is there any LBF members that like it. I am a member and so far I like it. Still awaiting my “welcome package”. And do they give out decent ‘free’ tackle?

Thanks for taking your time to read and/or answer my question(s). And have a great holiday!

These aren’t bad rods at all and the 9wt seems just right for your type of fishing, all in all not a bad combo for the price, just ensure he takes good care of it and it Will last a lifetime, if he doesn’t those things do rust and quickly in saltwater.

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