Salina Reel

Salina Reel
i would like to know peoples preference is on these reels

i am buying a reel to go fishing in lakes and for light surf fishing. i cant really decide on one of these reels. if you have heard of any of these reels please tell me some of the pros and cons and or your prferance these are the reel i am stuck between
Okuma Inspira
Okuma Salina
Pflueger Medalist
Quantum Kinetic
Quantum Incyte

Inspira – great reel. I like the performance and power, however, I don’t think that it is a great choice for surf fishing. I don’t really like felt drags for the surf. I just feel they bind easier than other materials. I think it’s the salt. However, it does have a sealed drag system, so in a sense, it combats the concern.

Salina – like I mentioned before, it just didn’t perform as well as I thought it would. I think the ONLY advantage that it had over the Inspora is the fact that it was all aluminum, the Inspira has a graphite rotor. However, Graphite, unlike metals, won’t rust or corrode in the salt. It wasn’t as smooth as I expected from the price.

Medalist – Haven’t used it….sorry.

Kinetic – Quantum PTi models are pretty darn good. Although they tend to be a little heavy, and I’m not sure if I actually like the TiMAG bail trip, they’re tough reels that have nice drive trains. They handle torque well, and that’s important in the surf when fighting both the power of the fish and the waves/undertow.

Incyte – ahh, the Incyte. I’m actually going to be buying this reel. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, and I tried it out a few times – friend owns the 10 size. I liked it. For the price, it really seems smooth and very functional. I don’t know if I would trust it for the surf. It’s an all graphite body, which isn’t always the best since it will flex some under pressure.

The other thing to remember is even the largest size 40 quantum model (both the Kinetic and the Incyte) doesn’t hold more than 230yards of 10lb. I fish 12mono-65braid in the surf.

For me, it’d be the Inspira.

PS – I would take a look at the Quantum Catalyst and the Penn SSg and the Shimano Saros. All great reels at the similar price level as the others.

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