Mitchell Water Fishing

Mitchell Water Fishing
Problem with my fish and the other two?

Ok so my goldfish called Sammy is quite old. I’ve had him for like 9 years. Sammy is quite big and recently then two little fish called Joey and Whizzy have been ganging up on him. It got as far as my little brother screaming for Sammy to be taken out of the water because of the fear of waking up in the morning and finding him dead. The things is Joey and Whizzy keep sucking at the side of Sammy and my Mum is sure that his scales are coming off. Sometimes they suck underneath Sammy as well. It’s really worrying my because me and my brother, Mitchell, don’t want to see him die.
What exactly are Joey and Whizzy trying to do to Sammy?

Fish can be very aggressive towards each other, especially when you have two of one king and one of another….You have three options in this case……First try and divide the tank by supporting a glass divider in the tank keeping them separated……Or, take Joey and Whizzy out and put them in a separate tank……If not you will lose Sammy….Or if your tank is big enough you could try putting a large clump of aquatic weed in the tank so Sammy can take refuge behind it like other fish do….But first make sure your weed is clean…

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