Handle Fits Shimano

Handle Fits Shimano
Carbon fork?

I have an inexpensive aluminum Schwinn road bike (yes I know) with 700c wheels. The ride is extremely rough (I’m coming from a full suspension mountain bike). The tail is not too bad but jars to the front actually hurt my hands.

How much would a carbon fiber fork dampen my ride. Also, would a carbon fiber handle bar help even more. I’ve found a fork set that will fit my bike for less than $100. A cabon fiber handle bar will run closer to $200. Plus if I’m going that far I may as well get a carbon fiber seat post as well. What would doing all this do for my ride?

This bike has a decent frame and all Shimano derailers/cassette/crank. It weighs in at just under 24 pounds soaking wet. It could be an awesome bike regardless of what some say (it’s pretty good right now except for the ride).

Carbon fiber fork will help. It will damp vibrations.

A couple more suggestions: A cork handlebar tape from Cinelli ($12). And a couple of tires at least 700×23 size or wider. I suggest an awesome pair of Veloflex clicher tires. One of the lightest, durable (haven’t flatted in 2,000 miles and still showing thread) and most comfortable tires around. Pump to 110-120 psi.

Carbon bars are not always a good answer. Some are very stiff but all are expensive. There are many bars with flatter top sections which you might like.

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