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Shimano Free
how to run campagnolo system on a shimano freehub body?

i have recently bought a pair of Vuelta carbon pro WRs but they come with shimano freehub body, i am running a campagnolo record 10speed groupset on my cervelo.

preferable id like to change the free hub body to campagnolo but this is turning out to be a very difficult task.(if anyone has information on how to get a hold of one of these then it would be very much appreciated if you could let me know how to get one.)

i have heard heard of mavic cassettes but i dont know much about them and looking on the internet has not helped!!
it says they work on mavic wheel sets only but people have told me that you can use these on a shimano free hub with campagnolo spacing and it will run.
does this mean that it just runs (but not great)or will it run as good as using a campagnolo cassette.
thank you all in advance for any replys!!! 😀

I would continue to look for a replacement freehub body so that you can use campy cassettes, you would then be able to swap cassettes from one wheelset to another if necessary. Since these wheels are available with either Shimano or Campagnolo freehubs, changing the body should be easy. A good bikeshop should be able to order a freehub body from the distributor in your country. Or try contacting the distributor directly, they would be able to direct you to a shop they deal with.

it’s not supposed to do this