Shimano Bait

Shimano Bait
what type of fishing rod and reel should I buy?

I am really going to take up fishing this year. I plan on getting a Jon Boat and some new gear. I never fished like this before. When I was younger I use to go almost everyday for a few summers. However I stopped. I rather fish off a boat than shore. So that’s why I am going to purchase a small boat. Anyways, back to my question. I want to by a new rod and reel. Any suggestions. I have no Idea what to get. I plan on going bass fishing maybe use some spinner bait and some live bait as well. I am open to try a bait casting reel or open reel. None of the closed reels. I know back when I was younger the setup to get was a shimano . Any advise to what reel action, size rod etc….. Any help would be great especially from serious anglers…. Thanks

since you haven’t fished in a while try fishing with a spinning combo first before bait casting. don’t buy walmart quality. for rod size i would go with a 6’6- 7’2 nothing bigger as they get harder to handle around the boat by yourself. i can create a nice combo from bass pro for you. if your throwing spinner baits you need a heavier action rod something like a medium heavy. personally i don’t like spinner baits there to heavy for spinning gear but when i bait cast i mostly throw them.
this spinning rod amazes me to the end of time. i have a bait caster and a spinning rod and im buying another two when i get the chance.
if i had the money i would splurge for this reel. it would look great and the reviews are great. theres ten ball bearings and has a nice gear ratio on it.

for lines get braided line best stuff out there now.

baits that i have to recommend most of these out fish live bait for me. Senkos wacky rigged, Gulp Alive Minnows on a jig head fished along the bottom is deadly for me nothing can resist it i love those and senkos. my last favourite is the rattle trap like the cotton cordellel. ok one more favourite the buzz bait AMAZZING best thing for me to ever find i love them.

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