Saltwater Fishing Rod Pole

Saltwater Fishing Rod Pole
What kind of fishing pole and reel do you use?

Just got into fishing this summer, and i’m using a cheap walmart rod. right now, i really like fishing, so i’m looking into buying a new rod.

It’ll be mostly freshwater and some saltwater.

website link too please.

idk what kind of reel cause im in the market for a new one even though i just got a new one a week or two ago..but anyways i love shaespears ugly stik fishing poles…they all come with a 5 to 7 year warantee… if you will just be using size 12 to 20 line then you will be fine but if you will need like 30 lb test then i would suggest to get an ugly stik lite and a big game ugly stik but the light like mine is good for line like size 6 to 20 and they are all bout 30 to 50 dollars a piece

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