Saltwater Drag Lure Reel

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Spinning Saltwater Reels for jigging lures. I like a reel that is lightweight (8-11 oz) has good line capacity and a loud drag. What are some good makes / models? I recently bought a PFlueger Trion GX-7 which seems like it will work great. However I’d like to get 1 more so that is why I ask for your input.
Also like to mention I like the more economic Reel, relatively cheap (under $100) and is durable / reliable.

Well, if you like Pflueger reels you’d probably love the Supreme. I own 2 Supreme’s and they are fantastic. I’ve owned mine for approx 2 years and never had an issue with them and they are one of the smoothest, lightest reels made, (rivaling higher-end Shimano & Daiwa reels).

Check them out and make sure to read the reviews-

Here are some other good choices-

(Although the Daiwa BG Series don’t have all the “bells & whistles” of other reels it is a “Bomb-proof” reel that can easily be used 10 + years!)

Hope these give you some good ideas…good luck in your search.

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