Penn Conventional Fishing

Penn Conventional Fishing
How do you line a conventional fishing reel??

I have a Penn 65 with an empty spool and want to add some new line to it.

The reel goes on top of the rod with the handle on the right. Run the line off the supply spool and through at least one guide of the rod, then tie the end to the middle of the reel spool.

Make sure the supply spool is set so it will turn to let the line roll off, rather than spinning off the top — you’ll twist up your line if that happens. The best way is to have a friend holding the spool on a pencil so it turns easily.

The Penn 65 is a saltwater conventional reel, with no level wind, so you have to level the line yourself when you fill it or when you’re reeling in when fishing.

Wind the line onto the reel, using your left thumb to guide it back and forth across so the reel fills evenly. If you have a friend holding the supply spool, have him put some tension on the line by letting it rub against his body as it turns; otherwise you have to put some tension on the line by using your left thumb and forefinger as you level the line on the reel.

You want enough tension to pack the line solidly on the reel — if it’s too loose you’ll have problems when casting. Fill the reel to about 1/4 inch from the top of the spool.

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