Pen Rod Reel

Pen Rod Reel
Why do people think Infomercial fishing lures are awesome?

Man, am I tired of seeing this Q: “Does the Banjo Minnow really work or is it a gimmick?”

PEOPLE, 75% of EVERYTHING ON TV is a LIE or is mis-represented!


Newbies to fishing- Yes, the Banjo Minnow could work, BUT only for the right fishing conditions. NO, “Helicopter Lures” don’t work.
And NO, “Flying Lures” are crap.

And if you purchased a collapsible pen-sized Rod & Reel I feel sorry for you! (lol)

People, if any of these things “really” worked you would see proff fishermen using them……..

(Sorry about the rant. lol)

Ok Ok enough,lol!

I had to buy them and use them my clients wanted the lures so I had to order and if I order I will use!

Flying lure they do work and I have caught many fish on them and NO they are not a miracle lure just have a time and place!


Banjo minnow worked ok again NO miracle lure!

True motion lure I caught fish with them and sold tons of them”sweet for me” again NO miracle!

Can remember thename of this one but boy did they sell good and I did catch a few fish but they broke so easy again NO miracle lure!

NOW one lure I did very good with is the hannon frog and snake! Got some big bass on frog and snake and with the snake I got some mighty fine cobia!!Again alas NO miracle bait just a lure!

The super dupper of the all time piece of sheet lures is the WALKING WORM!! This lure is a miracle lure a miracle they did not get sued for that crap,lol!

Now all that said I am selling the new “Fenessum Frog” this lure has been banned from all fishing touraments in the USA and Canada.
This lure out preforms even live bait and was proven in an independant study of 100 proffessional fishermen! We started the day using standard “good” lures and switched over to the Fenessum Frofgs and with in the first 5 minutes every fisherman was catching 10lb bass on every cast! Yes itt is true this new miracle lure the Fenessum Frog has taken the fishing industry by storm.We where actually told by a local to leave their lake because if average people got wind of the Fenessum Frog there would be no more fish in the lake.
With our newly patened secret scent that is formulated to EMIT live prey odor the Fenessum Frog has become number one in over one million fishermans tackle boxes today.
Please hurry these lures are going fast!
We took our Fenessum Frogs to an independant lab to secretly see if they could find the miracle to the Frogs super scent! Each scientist was blindfolded and was asked to smell the aroma of the Fenessum Frogs patened secret scent.After several studies every scientist was fooled by the Fenessum Frogs secret scent formula!
Hurry while quantities last!!
And now back to Injun out on lake uwannabyummiracleluree’s!

Ultra-Light Pen Fishing Rod