Shimano Saltwater

Shimano Saltwater
is the shimano sonora fishing reel model SON2500FB for freshwater, saltwater, or both?

I guess I should have added I what I’m fishing for. I’d like a reel for light use- maybe a dozen uses a year. We usually are fishing for redfish, snook, mackerel (smallish saltwater.)
Would the sodona or something else be a better choice?
ack- I mean sedona

On the Shimano webpage they put on every spinning reel in the description, approved for saltwater use.
The reel you are asking about they use shielded stainless steel bearings, which are different than their high end reels which the high end reels use S A-RB Bearings (Shielded A-RB). Even though Shimano says approved for saltwater use on all their spinning reels as a precaution rinse the reel in freshwater after using in the saltwater. You can do this by taking the spool off and hold it under a running faucet or and grab the handle and reel like you are reeling in line. On how long to rinse I guess maybe a minute or two or until you feel the saltwater is rinsed away. You hear some stories of people who have reels that are specifically made for saltwater, but still have their reel freeze up on them from saltwater corrosion, so even for saltwater reels some people recommend to rinse them.

I have put three links to the Shimano webpage, one shows the reel you are asking about, the other shows other spinning reels, the third one shows the saltwater spinning reels in which these are high end ones that have that S A-RB Bearings (Shielded A-RB).

Edit: Okay that was strange came in and edited my answer and clicked submit and the links went away. So here they are again, I redone them.

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