Shimano Brand

Shimano Brand
Campy or Shimano for my road bike?

Honestly its a cheaper road bike like $250 brand new, so i was thinking about either putting all new components into it(wheels, powertrain, handlebars…etc.) probably shimano 105 or campy veloce, if anyone has an opinion or just wants to tell me to buy a different bike, for around $800, I’m up for reading them all. thanks.

it definately is cheaper to replace the bike. when you start pricing an entire group of components, you quickly get more expensive than a bike.

campy lost me in the transition. while things were going from 8speeds to now 10, shimano made things interchange or kept parts available to service thier older stuff, while campy treated thier older groups as unwanted. after trying to switch from 8sp to 9sp and experiencing a real mess with campy working right, i gave it up and never looked back. they say the new campy stuff works great. i dont know. i do know you bolt shimano on and it works, period. no checked dates and suffixes on the cogs, or worrying about it when something wears out and you can’t get parts for it.