Daiwa Saltist Saltwater Reel

How exactly does one use his thumb to guide line onto the spool casting with a saltwater reel w/o levelwind?

I just picked up a daiwa Saltist that I will be casting muskies with. I never have thrown a reel w/o a levelwind and have read that you guide it onto the spool with your thumb. Do you use the side of your thumb and guide it on before it actually wraps onto the spool or do you press it back and forth with the bottom of your thumb as it starts to lay on the spool?

grip rod in left hand, as you reel with right hand use your left thumb to push the line back and forth as you reel in, practice will make perfect, and you DO want to practice before you hook up, because in the excitement of hook up you want it to be automatic, otherwise you could end up with the line winding up in one spot and rubbing against the bar and not be able to reel in anymore line and that would suck……

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