Daiwa Exceler

Daiwa Exceler
Daiwa Exceler baitcast reel making noise on cast and reels rough, Help?

This reel is brand new and casts well, the only thing that bothers me about the reel is that it is noisy on the cast and when I am reeling it feels a bit rough like something is grinding slightly. Do any of you have this problem with the same reel or know how to fix it? Thanks!

at 80 bucks for a rod/reel combo (new) you sure aren’t going to be getting a top drawer reel. with it’s high speed retrieve, you are going to grind up cheap gears in a hurry.
unless you are prepared to spend a minimum of a hundred dollars (for just the reel), anything you get will give you pretty much the same lack of performance. a really good reel will cost twice even that.
pick up a shimano citica for $120 and get a reel that will last a long time and give excellent performance.
and even the very best and most expensive reels can not compete with sand or dirt from laying on the ground. or being dipped in the lake.

thumbs to BC.


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