Shimano Surf Casting

Shimano Surf Casting
Difference between a Shimano’s Tiralejo Casting rod vs. Tiralejo Spinning rod (both surf rods)..?

Im trying to figure which one I should get for my fiance’s surprise bday gift.
And which shimano salt water reel should I get???
He usually catches 25-36lbs stripers and medium to large bluefish.


I can not tell you what reel to get him I do not know what kind of reel he prefers fishing with as with your question on which rod, my question is which reel? Once you know if he likes and uses one more than the other or prefers one as opposed to the other, we can help. but, general rule of thumb is the more stainless steel ball bearings, the more stainless and non corroding or no rust parts or graphite parts the better the reel. size depends on his particular choice of line strength. and species targeted, but, by decreasing line diameter you increase line length and vice versa. Still you need to find out if he uses and or prefers conventional or spinning types of gear before anything.

Shimano Surf Casting!