Shimano Jigging Reel

Shimano Jigging Reel
Fishing rod for mackerel, tuna, barracuda, etc?

I’m looking at fairly expensive jigging rods rated PE 5-6. and Shimano/Abu Garcia spinning reels.
Could someone clarify what pe 5-6 means? IE what size of fish are possible with this set up?
A friend of mine disagrees with that kind of tackle for sea fishing and recommends a boat rod (trawling) with casting reel. I don’t like casting reels, and have never used one, as I’ve always gone for river and lake fishing.
Any advice welcome – and links to product sites.


This depends on whether you want to use your new rod STRICTLY for offshore trolling OR you want to use it for Bridge/Pier/Jetty fishing ?

If your ONLY gonna use this rod/reel for trolling, (your Buddy is right) get a conventional (casting-type) with or without a level-wind and a boat rod.

If you want this outfit to do “double duty” as a Surf/Pier/Jetty fishing rod AND an offshore trolling rod get a Large Spinning outfit.

Not to say Spinning outfits won’t work well offshore-they just cost a mint to get one that will last for any length of time.

Good conventional reels- Shimano Speed-master, Shimano Charter Special, Shimano Trinidad, Shimano Calcutta, Penn Internationals, Etc.

(Personally, Speed-masters are inexpensive, tough, & are easy to fix. I would buy a Speed-master if I were you.)

Best bet for Spinning- Daiwa Black Gold (BG30), Shimano Thunnus, or a Van Staal.

(Black Golds are inexpensive and tough as nails!)

If you don’t trust my opinion, go to and read the reviews stated there.

Hope this helps? Good fishing!

Accurate Reel Boss 500 & Shimano B Trevala jig rod 80-200 pound braid