Saltwater Tackle Pole Reel

Saltwater Tackle Pole Reel
Cancun Mexico fishing/Saltwater fishing?

We are going to Cancun on vacation for 9 days 1st week in June. We have 2 days we’re deep sea fishing with a paid charter and the other days we would like to fish from the shore somewhere. We have purchased a TON of new saltwater fishing gear (poles, reels, tackle) but we don’t know what it will be like once we get there.

Anyone ever fished from the shore around that area or know where to go and how to get there?
Any information would be great!

Keep in mind, we probably aren’t interested in fishing where everyone is swimming naturally. Plus I don’t even know if they allow that anyway! 🙂

***We will not be in a boat, in which we will not need a fishing license. I called a place and they said as long as you’re not in any form of watercraft, you won’t need one. I will only be fishing from the beaches, etc.

You will need to get a Mexican fishing license along with zara spooks and big top water casting plugs as rooster fish are the shoreline specie along the baja peninsula you will have more fun though snorkeling everywhere you go as the water is very clear and jet skis can get you to shorelines that don’t get walked on but once a month.

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