Fly Saltwater

Fly Saltwater
Saltwater Fly Anglers?

Since I value all of your opinions, I want to know what are some prooductive colors for saltwater poppers? I’m a freshwater angler. Not much experience with saltwater…yet. I want to airbrush these in some popular saltwater colors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These will be for sale eventually on my site for anyone that likes fishing topwater. I’m looking for the three top color schemes. Links to a good pic would help too.

Thanx in advance!
AIRFLOW. I knew you would respond with your disdain for poppers. No offense taken. As I said, I value ALL your opinions. I will though take into consideration your advice on the color schemes.

(In my opinion)

Best color schemes:

1. Red/White

2. Chartreuse/White

3. Any highly realistic representation of a Pogy/Menhaden ETC.(This would be for your “gin-clear” waters. Something similar to a Rainys Bubble Head soft foam fly.)

Using Green or Silver Flashabou for a tail always works best for me.

If you have time, try to paint a “flared gill” pattern in bright red on any poppers.

(Go to Bass Pro for a look at the Rainys Bubble Head saltwater popper. In my opinion, they look decent for a “mass produced” Fly. )

Tying the Lite-Brite Shrimp (Saltwater Fly) by Davie McPhail.