Fishing Tackle Rod Pole

Fishing Tackle Rod Pole
any tips for fishing for a beginner?

my friend and i have recently taken up fishing as a hobby. we only go to the local reservoir (we have to throw the fish back) for now, maybe to the beach eventually (i think we need a licsence).
anyway, how do we catch fish? i only remember what my grandpa taught me when i was a wee lad. i have a lightly equipped tackle box with a few lures, weights, bobbers, and a few other knick knacks. whats the best way to get a fish? should i just use a regular hook and stick some bread on it?
hows my fishing pole? its a Scout rod with a Shakespear Pro-Am 350 rotating.handle thingy (i dont know what its called).
what does the gear ratio do? mine is 3.2:1 and my friend has a 5.2:1.

any tips will be appreciated.

head out on a local half day boats at the local marina they rent gear here in CA rental gear is 20.00 ticket for the boat 36.00 then decide if you want to invest money on more gear

Fishing with Rod: Pole fishing in Fraser estuaries