Fishing Pen Rod Pole

Fishing Pen Rod Pole
I need several SMALL fishing poles but don’t want junk….. Suggestions?

I have 5 kids and need some SMALL fishing poles that I can keep in a popup camper. I need something that perhaps can telescope out.

I’ve heard of the coleman series pen fishing rods, but have read they are junk. Many times we just end up at some perch pond and are not on any major fishing trips or anything. I just want something I can keep in the camper under a seat that won’t take up much room at all. Perhaps something that would be no bigger than a box of saltine crackers that I can put 5 poles in plus lures…..

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Especially if there is a high quality pen fishing pole or something like that (telescoping) that would be great. Does not have to be a pen, but just something that closes up REAL small.

Need it smaller than they typical “spider man” pole kit.


what you are describing is exactly what you say you don’t want. this stuff is junk. spelled cra_. a good or decent outfit for you and your kids should consist of something like a zebco 33 reel (available as a kit, prepackaged with a two piece rod and already spooled with line). they should pass a law telling parents the kids will have a better fishing experience and perhaps enjoy it enough to become a real angler which is not possible with some of the garbage they buy that breaks half way through the first outing. if my dad had supplied me with anything less, l’d probably be doing drugs right now instead of loving the sport for all it has to offer.

SuntekStore: Mini Pocket Aluminum Alloy Fish Pen Fishing Rod Pole with Baitcasting Reel