Baitcasting Saltwater

Baitcasting Saltwater
question regarding saltwater baitcasters?

would this abu garcia reel be ok for
-pier fishing
-surf fishing
-deep sea fishing

im not gonna catch 400 pound tuna on it or anything but mabe like a 30 pound sea bass at biggest…wil this real be ok, last, and be reliable?

or would i be better to pay an extra $130 for a shimano calcutta

moneys kinda tight so i dont want to spend big bucks if i dont have too :/

I hate to go against the grain and give you MORE options but I think you would have better luck with an Abu Garcia C4 or C3. The BCX models are the lowest end Abu Garcia round reels you can purchase. They won’t hold up in a saltwater environ like a C4 or C3.

Here’s a link to a C4- (make sure to read the reviews at the link)-

Here’s a link to a C3- (read reviews)-

The BCX’s are designed for larger freshwater fishing, (Catfish, Musky, Sturgeon, Float fishing for trophy Bass using 8-12″ Shiners, Etc).

If you want Calcutta durability without the Calcutta price-tag look at the C4’s & C3’s.

Hope this helps? If you get a chance read every review you can on any reel you intend to purchase. Good luck!

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